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I hate when you’re worried about something and need to talk about it but it’s not your subject to talk about and you were told not to tell anyone because it is personal to the person that told you. 

Like, it’s eating you alive but you can’t say anything because 

1. No one else knows

2. You were told in confidence and were asked not to say anything

3. It’s not your subject to speak on

Am I the only one that gets like this? 

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I need to rant a little

I am just so sick of being the target of my parents’ frustrations. I am an only child so whenever one of them is mad at the other, I ALWAYS get caught in the middle. I am going to be 20 years old in a few weeks, they can’t keep using me as their little pawn. 

Or, whenever something goes wrong in the house, they bitch at me. Yeah, because it’s MY FAULT you stepped in dog shit, mom. I just got home and it’s all my fault for not checking. And, like, you haven’t been home for fucking hours already. Yep, still my fault.

I’m just so sick of it. Ugh. 

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 ”Tral” - this is basically inexpensive mine field and “wire trap” clearing device, brought you by Russian students from Tula State University.

Projectile reaches out to 100 meters and then is pulled back and during this process (trawling) it sets off mines, creating safe pathway.

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